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Hospitality has a different hotel taste which you can find at Beit Al Karam. We will be waiting for you on the upper floor where you can enjoy calm and comfortable gatherings. There, you can find an array of the most delicious Lebanese and Western dishes, in addition to a list of cold and hot drinks and various tasty desserts baked by the most skilled chefs in the culinary world, while enjoying the spectacular view - day and night - through which you can see the beautiful and enchanting sights that exceed imagination.

You can find luxury, beauty, elite hospitality, and a pleasant atmosphere in Beit Al Karam. Our trained staff will provide you with distinct hotel services and will take you – with their friendly smile – to another world and will make you feel like you are travelling away from your own world. This will enable you to have the best time of your life in a place filled with calmness and beauty.

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