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Bait Al-Karam Restaurants and Terraces

Hospitality has a different hotel taste which you can find at Beit Al Karam. We will be waiting for you on the upper floor where you can enjoy calm and comfortable gatherings. There, you can find an array of the most delicious Lebanese and Western dishes, in addition to a list of cold and hot drinks and various tasty desserts baked by the most skilled chefs in the culinary world, while enjoying the spectacular view - day and night - through which you can see the beautiful and enchanting sights that exceed imagination.

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"What you feel like eating at any given moment is what you should have, At Bait Al-Karam Restaurants and Terraces Cooking is the ultimate giving."

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8:00 AM
12:00 AM

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8:00 AM
12:00 AM

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01.Meat Cuts Bilfukhara
9.75 JD

Pan fried meat and vegetable served with gravy sauce

02.Chicken Bundles Stuffed Bulgur
8.75 JD

Boneless chicken breast stuffed with bulgur topped with almonds

03.Lamb Neck
14.9 JD

Roasted lamb neck stuffed with oriental rice served with yogurt

04.Mixed Grill
9.8 JD

Charcoal grilled selection of kebab, shish tawook and meat cubes

01.Bait Al Karam Salad
4.5 JD

Rocca, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, cranberries, tortilla bread

02.Pomelo Salad ( Seasonal )
5.25 JD

A composition of pomelo, mushroom, cheese, sweet corn, served with special dressing

3.75 JD

Chopped parsley, tomato, fresh mint, onion, cracked wheat with olive oil and lemon dressing

4.75 JD

A Armenian way of dough stuffed with ground meat Served with special sauce

4.25 JD

Arabic traditional dish

4.25 JD

Osmaliya dough topped with your choice-light milk cream or ice cream

03.Pistachio Mafrokah
4.5 JD

Layers of pistachio and milk-cream

04.Um Ali
4.75 JD

Crispy puff pastry steeped with milk Topped with raisins and mixed nuts

01.Fresh Orange Juice
3.25 JD

Cold Drinks

02. Espresso
2.25 JD

Hot Drinks

03. Double Espresso
2.75 JD

Hot Drinks

04. American Coffee
2.5 JD

Hot Drinks

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